Our offer consists of:

  • painting and wallpapering services. We are engaged in the renewal of the interior of houses, for instance painting walls and doors, wallpapering and the renovation of facades of public buildings and private houses, as well as arbors and terraces painting. Thanks to our efforts homes are gaining a whole new face;
  • applying decorative plaster. We are laying travertine, concrete and we also make Venetian stucco. This is just an example of our company's offer - our range of services is much wider - if you want to obtain more information about the whole range of services that we provide, please submit inquiries;
  • laying ceramic tiles, terracotta in patterns selected by the customer: for example, a diamond pattern. We also do stoneware tiles and decors laying. We are also ready to cuff the old glaze and replace it with a new;
  • performing carpentry work. We install laminate flooring and arrange wall panels. We also install windows and doors, as well as replace window frames and door. We have experience in assembling furniture - we comprehensively assemble kitchen furniture - including the equipment for installation - we also connect fittings, devices and take care of the electrics and plumbing. We can prepare a draft of the interior design ourselves or realize projects provided by the customer. Also, we evaluate custom made furniture assembly.
  • implementing gypsum technology. We make gypsum plasters and install ceilings. We are prepared to mount partition walls made out of plasterboard partitions to change the arrangement of an apartment or house;
  • performing masonry-plastering work. We add thermal insulation and fully insulate buildings, as well as arrange cement-lime plaster or gypsum. Traditional plastering, bricklaying, preparation of self-leveling screeds and traditional screeds are all our standard practice.
  • assembling of electrical, sanitary and heating installations. We have all the necessary permissions, in accordance with Polish regulations, allowing to deal with electrical installation in private homes and offices, in a professional and safe manner.

What are our most important advantages?

  • Expert approach to renovations;
  • Fixed hourly rates, with no hidden additional costs;
  • A guarantee of the work that we undertake;
  • We care about our customer's satisfaction;
  • Financial preference for customers recommending our services to new clients.

We kindly invite you to take advantage of our wide range of service! With our company it's always certain, good and safe. We pride ourselves on a high durability of our carried out work and their exceptional quality, as well as having a wide base of satisfied customers.

After our renovation has been carried out, every customer can fully relax and enjoy its fresh new space.